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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Your kitten/cat has been eating a combination of canned or commercial frozen raw food one to three times daily (depending on age). She also eats dry food which can be left out for self feeding along with plenty of fresh water. She should do fine if you wish to transition her to dry food only provided you use a premium brand such as Royal Canin. When you make brand and type changes, do so gradually. I do not recommend grocery store type canned food as a steady diet because it is messy, causes smelly feces, and leads to finickyness. Table scraps are not nutritionally balanced for your cat and if given a chance to develop a taste for people food cats can act very pesky .DO NOT feed cow milk or dog food; both cause cats to have diarrhea. Ceramic, glass or stainless steel bowls are preferable to plastic which can cause skin problems on their chins. Bowls should be washed daily.

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