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Litter Box Instructions

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Kittens are litter box trained by their mothers, but young kittens may have trouble locating their litter box in a large, new house. Having more than one box or confining the kitten to one area for a while may be necessary. Show your new kitten her box several times, especially after eating or napping, until you are sure she knows where to find it. Accidents should not happen as long as your kitten/cat has access to the box at all times and it is kept clean. If your house is quite large or has multiple levels, it may be necessary to have multiple boxes - one on each level. If you have multiple cats, you must have more than one box (some say 1 for each cat, but in my experience 2 cats can usually share a good sized box). And remember, cats like privacy so placement of the box out of noisy or busy foot traffic areas is important. Solids should be scooped daily. Depending on type of litter used, the box should be completely emptied and washed weekly (clay litter) or monthly (scoopable litter). The use of good quality food and litter plus a covered litter box with a charcoal filter (but with door removed) will greatly minimize odor problems. Scoop waste into biodegradable bags and place in garbage, never flush.

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